• Sick Trees

    Sick Trees in Canberra

    At Canopy The Tree Experts, we are appropriately qualified to help get your sick trees back to full health.

    Over the decades we’ve been in the tree business, we’ve come to learn how to spot what is wrong with a tree and how to treat the problem.


    Tree diseases and how to spot them 

    You might be able to see your tree isn’t as healthy as it normally is, but spotting exactly what is wrong with it can sometimes be a difficult task.

    If you notice a change in your trees – whether sudden or slow – and these changes are out of season, then it might be best to contact us to see if there is a problem in need of attention.


    We can diagnose what is going on with your tree’s health, and what treatment it will need to help stop the disease from spreading.

    Correctly diagnosing tree diseases is vital to ensure they receive the correct care. Getting the diagnosis wrong can lead to inadequate treatment and may even lead to further complications and even death of the tree.

    Sometimes, trees need a helping hand to assist them through a rough patch.
    Our cities can be very demanding on them. As a responsible tree owner, you need to know that there are numerous ways you can care for your trees now so they can better cope during times of stress. It may be as simple as spreading 50 millimetres of composted mulch beneath the canopy to aid in soil water retention and regulate soil temperature. Irrigating larger trees is recommended during hot, dry periods.

    Treatments like Soil Conditioning or Stem Injection to combat pest and disease can be very effective if done at the correct time. Fertilising is rarely required and can cause other issues if done without knowing which elements the tree needs more or less of.
    Structural issues associated with your tree/s can be addressed with judicious pruning or implementing a well-designed Tree Support System.
    Why remove a tree if you can retain and support?


    What our tree specialists will do

    When our specialists visit your property, they will firstly determine what is wrong with your tree/s. They will discuss treatment options with you and detail a plan to manage the issue. You will be provided with a set of Field Notes for your records. By keeping you informed, we can better manage the future health of the tree.
    After any treatment plan is completed, we encourage our clients to keep us up to date on the trees progress.


    Controlling tree insects and pests

    If certain insects, such as the Elm Leaf Beetle, get into your trees, it can really affect tree health. These beetles can cause a lot of damage in a short period time, which can be a stressful experience not only for the tress but for you too.

    Canopy The Tree Experts does its best to avoid these scenarios, offering an inspection service and treatments, along with advice on how to improve the health of your trees to protect to better protect them against future insect attacks
    We use the latest technology only high-quality products and insecticides to treat trees and plants, and all of these products are approved for use and fit for purpose.


    Our staff know their stuff

    Our knowledgeable team have been highly trained in all aspects of trees, meaning they are well equipped to offer the best advice to help you see your garden flourish.

    To cure sick trees Canberra-wide, give us a call today for a free quote. We service areas in and around Canberra, and surrounds including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Bungendore, Yass, Harden, Young, Gunning, Gundaroo and Cootamundra