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    Tree health advice Canberra

    Canberra is a beautiful city which is well known for its greenery and tree-lined streets. However, the native Canberra weather can create a challenging environment to maintain healthy trees, which is why it is important for tree owners to partner with experienced arborists at Canopy The Tree Experts. Our tree care business can help you maintain beautiful mature trees in your Canberra yard. Here’s some more information about the tree health advice services we offer.


    Optimising your watering and fertilising schedule

    Canberra can be very dry in the summer but often experiences frost in the winter, so it is very important to maintain healthy soil to support root growth. We can advise you on how to best improve soil health without the need to fertilise. Nearly all urban tree problems start in the soil. Fertilising might seem like a good idea, however, it is easy to create toxicity issues, saline soils and/or pH issues. Addressing the soil health (rhizosphere – link to Rhizocare blog article) will better support long term health of your tree without the complications of artificial fertilisers.


    Shaping and pruning


    • Correct pruning of trees is an integral part of professional arboriculture.
    • You can depend on us to know and apply correct pruning methods.
    • Avoid being sold unnecessary and incorrect work.
    • Canopy’s Arborists are bound by their ethics to not carry out unnecessary work and will work to the Australian Standard AS 4373 ‘Pruning of Amenity Trees’. Imagine paying someone to damage your trees.


    Deadwood Removal

    At times, the removal of deadwood from the canopy is all the pruning a tree requires. The removal of deadwood allows you to live in the space below with peace of mind.


    Trees sustain small amounts of damage throughout the year

    If you notice that your trees have sustained damage following a severe weather event, or have observed a sudden change in appearance of the tree, it is a good idea to contact Canopy The Tree Experts as soon as possible. Effective expert assessment by one of our appropriately qualified arborists can identify the problem and advise on the management options to improve tree health and vitality.


    Tree health advice Canberra and surrounds

    Our expert advice is not limited to Canberra city, we service the broader Capital area including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Bungendore, Yass, Harden, Young, Gunning, Gundaroo and Cootamundra. We have clients in these areas who engage us to help manage their trees on an ongoing basis.