• Tree Pruning

    Professional Tree Pruning Services in Canberra

    With more than thirty years of tree management experience to call on, it’s no wonder that so many property owners in the Canberra area, including Queanbeyan, Bungendore, Yass, Goulburn and other local areas, turn to Canopy for Tree Pruning. Canberra’s acknowledged experts are always ready to solve any tree problems that might arise.


    Do you think your trees need pruning?

    All trees have a genetic predisposition to grow a certain way, however, environmental factors play a crucial part in what makes each tree unique. When deciding if pruning is needed and how to prune, these factors need to be considered. Legal and sometimes ethical issues also need to be considered.

    If the tree in question is protected, it is sometimes possible for a pruning and maintenance program to be established.

    This option allows you to keep a tree that is already established in the area but will require ongoing attention, most likely on an annual or biannual basis.

    There will however, be ongoing costs of maintaining the tree at a size suitable for the area.

    The other option is the more permanent alternative of removal.


    If the tree is too big for the area in which it is located, or, you are not prepared to commit to the ongoing maintenance of controlling the growth of the tree.

    You may want to consider removing the tree completely and starting again.

    With a species more suitable to the size limitations you may have.

    These limitations apply to the amount of space you have both above and below ground (the right tree, in the right place).

    It may be a costly operation, but it will be a one-off cost instead of a potentially smaller sum every year or two.

    An appropriately qualified arborist can assist you in choosing and sourcing a species of tree that is suitable for the area, the climate, and what benefits you would like to enjoy.
    There are many reasons why professional tree pruning services are required. Left untended, trees grow and spread until homeowners suddenly realise that the small tree they planted years before has turned into a bit of a monster! Equally, when people move into a new property, it’s possible that previous owners have simply ignored their trees.


    How Canopy The Tree Experts deliver the right solution?

    Our experienced team can carry out pruning on trees of all sizes and shapes. We can remove the dead, decaying or hazardous wood, while reshaping the remainder. This can involve lifting the crown to add to the quality and area of your usable ground space or thinning it to deliver more light. Younger trees can be trained to grow as you would wish them to, more mature ones helped to be more resistant to environmental stresses.

    We process all the green waste on site from the pruning work which you are free to keep as water-retaining mulch for your own garden, or we’ll simply take it away to be used elsewhere.


    How can we help to safeguard and manage your trees?

    Whether for a one-off urgent job, or for regular tree maintenance, we’re ready to help. Contact us by calling 02 6161 1800 or completing the Enquiry Form. The tree pruning we offer is always appreciated by our valuable clients.