• Large Tree Transplanting Canberra

    Large Tree Transplanting Canberra

    Moving or planting large trees can be a tough job and a task that’s better left to the experts.

    Done correctly, the transplanting or relocating of trees can make a landscape come to life and a garden grow within a matter of hours.


    The benefits of planting large trees

    One of the biggest benefits of transplanting is that you will have an established garden right away, without having to wait for years to watch the plants grow.

    This means you can gain an established garden overnight, providing a place for the kids to play and shade to sit underneath.


    Our large tree transplanting service

    At Canopy the Tree Experts, we have been transplanting trees for years, for businesses, the government and private tree owners.

    Our team is vastly experienced in tree transplanting and as involved in moving 100-tonne fig trees for the Sydney Olympic Games!

    We have also worked for the National Capital Authority, relocating 27 mature and established plane trees (Plantanus x acerifolia) to line the Reconciliation Walk in Canberra.


    The process of moving a large tree

    It’s quite an involved process to transplant a large tree, which is why it pays to hire a team who are experienced and know what they are doing.

    For a typical tree removal, first the tree needs to be prepared by partially pruning the roots and sometimes conditioning the soil in advance of lifting.

    The tree is then prepared for moving and is lifted out of the site. This process can involve excavating and wrapping the tree ready for the transplanting.

    Once the tree has been moved, it will be carefully replanted it into the new landscape, making sure it blends in and can properly establish.

    For some of these large trees, this planting process involves shaping the root balls with high pressure water cutters.

    By doing this, we can ensure our trees are in the proper shape and stable enough to stay upright in the years to come.

    Failure in any step of this process can mean the tree won’t survive, which is why we take our work seriously.

    And our clients certainly trust us to do the job – some of the heaviest trees we’ve been involved in moving have weighed more than 100 tonnes!

    Do you have a large tree you need to move? We service Canberra and surrounds including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Bungendore, Yass, Harden, Young, Gunning, Gundaroo and Cootamundra – so contact us today and we will come and evaluate your trees for transplanting.