• Stump Grinding

    Efficient Stump Grinding Services for the Canberra area

    If a tree has been cut down in the past, then it’s quite possible that the stump was never removed. Maybe it was a task too hard for the homeowner (perhaps even before you moved into the property), or something you simply haven’t got around to.


    What are the benefits of removing stump/s?

    #A stump can start suckering, which doesn’t look good in your garden as these suckers can soon spread into an untidy mess. Suckers left to grow can become unstable due to poor attachment at the stump.

    #Killing the tree roots by poisoning the stump isn’t always a good solution to stop new suckers forming. If there are trees nearby (particularly trees of the same species), there may be roots that have naturally grafted together. Poisoning the stump can damage or kill the adjacent tree. Grinding the stump is a safer solution in cases like this.

    # Removing trip hazards or gaining access

    # To deal with an existing white ant problem

    # It could be a part of a re landscaping plan or construction project for that part of the garden

    Canopy The Tree Experts also have our own excavators and front end loaders that can dig out the undesirable stump and broader root system if that is required.

    Each stump removal project is different, depending on the size, root spread and location on your property. Therefore it’s best to contact us for a complimentary quote on your specific needs.

    Talk to our Canopy team about removing one or more stumps from your property

    To start the conversation with one of our arborists, you can complete the Enquiry Form and we’ll quickly be in touch. If you prefer, simply call us here at Canopy The Tree Experts in Fyshwick on 02 6161 1800. Contact us now for stump grinding Canberra residents can rely on.