• Tree Protection (Tree Management Plans)

    Tree Protection Canberra

    Canberra is home to one of the best urban forests in Australia, and there are several exceptional trees throughout the city. Many of these trees are of high value due to their scientific importance and heritage, while they also contribute to Canberra’s stunning landscape.

    An urban forest is often described as a collection of trees that grow and survive in a city. These ‘forests’ play an important role in making Canberra a pleasant place to live, as well as improving the sustainability of the environment. Here at Canopy The Tree Experts, we offer tree protection services to ensure these high-value trees are managed effectively and safely.

    Understanding the Tree Protection Act 2005

    The Tree Protection Act 2005 came into force in March 2006 in an attempt to better manage and protect certain areas of the urban forest. This means it’s vitally important to contact our experts for advice if you’re undertaking groundwork within the tree protection zone. Our tree management plans help to reduce the impact on trees during construction of new estates or in areas of high development activity.

    About Transport Canberra and City Services

    Transport Canberra and City Services manage over 700,000 trees in urban parks, open spaces, road verges and residential streets throughout the city. Maintenance undertaken includes planting, pruning and the removal of trees when necessary. It’s also important to note that trees on ACT leased land are categorised as either regulated or registered in line with guidance set out by the Tree Protection Act 2005. Any work that may cause damage to these trees requires approval. Work that requires approval includes:

    • Major pruning (significantly altering the size and shape of the canopy)
    • Groundwork (excavation, contaminating the soil, damaging tree roots, raising the soil level)
    • Tree removal
    • Lopping


    Soil compaction and building work

    Soil compaction occurs during all construction work resulting in poor water or air penetration which can result in damage to roots and stress to trees. If building activity is likely to damage protected trees or alter soil levels within the protection zone, a tree management plan is essential.


    How can Canopy The Tree Experts help?

    Here at Canopy The Tree Experts, we provide tree management plans Canberra-wide and serve the regions of Queanbeyan, Yass, Bungendore and Goulburn. Contact us today for more information about tree protection. Canberra clients can count on us to safeguard the registered and regulated trees in ACT while facilitating vital construction projects.