• Tree Removal Permits

    Tree Removal Permits Canberra

    Do you have a tree on your property in Canberra that you want to remove or heavily pruned? Make sure you contact a tree expert first, as you could receive a fine if you remove a tree you that is protected by the Tree Protection Act 2005.


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    In the ACT, trees that meet certain criteria they are regulated.

    The local government manages hundreds of thousands of trees to keep our open spaces green. This maintenance includes tree removal, tree planting and tree pruning.

    If you are unsure about either planting a tree or removing one, you should contact the local government’s Tree Protection Unit to apply for approval. This service is free of charge and usually takes about a month.

    You can also get in touch with us at Canopy The Tree Experts, as we have been in the business for years and will be able to advise you on how to apply for a tree removal permit.

    Many of the trees you will find on leased land are protected and so if you damage or remove these trees without approval you could face a fine.

    If a tree is meets one of the following criteria it is considered regulated:

    – The tree is taller than 12 metres or;
    – The tree has a circumference greater than 1.5 metres at 1 metre above ground level or;
    -The canopy width is greater than 12 metres or;
    -If there is more than one stem, the sum of the circumference of the stems is greater than 1.5 metres at 1 metre above ground level


    Tree removal reports from Canopy The Tree Experts

    If you want advice on a tree you are interested in removing, we are happy to come to you and give you a full report.

    This report will cover:

    – A thorough inspection of the tree
    – A hazard and risk assessment
    – Guidance on how to apply for a tree removal permit (if necessary)

    We can also carry out any other assessment we deem fit, such as a disease diagnosis or a soil analysis.

    Servicing Canberra and the wider area, including Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Bungendore, Yass, Harden, Young, Gunning, Gundaroo and Cootamundra., we are able to come to you and assist with a tree removal application and all related processes. Contact us today for more information about tree removal permits Canberra-wide.