• Storm Damaged Trees

    Storm Damaged Trees Canberra


    Canberra can get extreme weather all year around, whether it’s a baking hot summer’s day or a wild and windy winter evening.

    One constant for Canberra is the natural splendour of the environment, best seen day to day in the magnificent canopy of trees covering the city and its suburbs.

    But those trees can present problems, especially when windy weather hits and causes damage, pushing branches on to power lines, roads and houses, and in extreme cases knocking them over completely.

    A fallen tree is usually removed, but a storm-damaged tree in Canberra that survived the weather can still be a big hazard.

    After the storm

    If a tree has fallen over or suffered damage during a storm, your first contact should be the Australian Capital Territory State Emergency Services (ACTSES).

    This emergency body is able to handle the initial clean up of any storm-damaged trees in Canberra and can help secure your home from any danger.

    Once this process has been completed, an experienced and fully qualified arborist from Canopy The Tree Experts can help assess the health of any damaged trees on your property.

    They will advise what can be done to ensure it continues to be a part of your home, or if it needs to be removed.

    We check before we trim

    Canberra is known as ‘The Bush Capital’ for good reason. From gum trees of every shape and colour to jacarandas in bloom, Canberra is a green and pleasant place whose residents value the natural environment.

    Because trees are such an integral part of life in Canberra, the Tree Protection Act of 2005 was created to help manage the natural environment, both on government land and private property.

    What this means is that before any work can be done on trees in your street or backyard, approval must be obtained through Transport Canberra and City Services.

    Canopy The Tree Experts will always ensure that any work we do on a tree within your boundaries is checked and approved before we do anything. That includes any work we may do on storm-damaged trees in Canberra.

    We go far and wide

    Canopy The Tree Experts offers services for storm-damaged trees across all areas from Canberra to Queanbeyan, Yass, Bungendore and Goulburn.

    Trees are strong and enduring, and with our skills and knowledge we will do whatever we can to ensure a storm damaged tree can continue on. But if the tree needs to removed, we also have the expertise to take care of it professionally.