Why choose us to help get the most out of your trees?

Why should you choose Canopy?

  1. You love your trees.
  2. You love your garden.
  3. You want the best possible advice and care for your living assets.
  4. You understand that pruning your tree now affects your grandchildren more than you.

How can we prove it?

Canopy only employs appropriately qualified arborists to advise and perform work on your trees.
This is our guarantee that you are receiving the consistently high standard of service that we have come to be known for.

Take a look at some of these testimonials and decide for yourself.

All 3 workers were friendly, helpful and professional. They seemed to really love trees – which to me was very special.
Also they were concerned about a nesting pigeon – also a great plus.
The pruned trees looked good and no mess at the end – bliss!
Thanks. I’d have them do the job again in the future and happily recommend them.

Evelyn and I were impressed as usual with your team’s friendly, courteous and very efficient removal of the tree as required. (It even impressed the neighbours!)
Use of the crane proved to enhance the speed and efficiency of the work and the boys tidied up very well.
It was appreciated that the concurrent rubbish bin collection was not prevented, particularly the neighbours’ bins affected by the ‘exclusion zone’ required for the operation.
Many thanks
Peter and Evelyn

Great service and fantastic work! Highly recommend them. Will definitely be calling them again when I need tree work done.

This is the true measure of success.
Not how quickly we can do the work, but how well we can do it.

Why do you need to pay for advice?

When you receive a consultation from one of our arborists, you are receiving advice based on the most up to date knowledge in the industry.
Would you prefer to pay a small fee to have an industry-leading professional advise that you may not need to have works performed?
Receive free advice from a ‘tree lopper’ who will charge $100’s, if not $1000’s to perform unnecessary and most likely damaging tree work?
Does a lawyer give free advice?
Would you trust free advice from an accountant?

Does your arborist offer a written guarantee?

Canopy does!

We guarantee your satisfaction.

We will keep working and not accept payment

until you are totally satisfied.

What should you do then?

When you contract someone to work on your trees:

  • Make sure you trust them.
  • Ask to see proof of their qualifications.
  • Don’t be pressured into any works you don’t feel are justified.
  • An arborist will have verified facts to support their recommendations.
  • Be wary of how accurate free advice really is.