Tree planting in Canberra


    Do you need assistance with tree planting in Canberra? Perhaps you want to plant trees around a school or business? Or maybe you’re looking to quickly establish the garden in your new home? Whatever the reason, we are on hand to assist you with the planting process.

    Tree planting for all species of trees

    We have been in the tree planting business for years, and have experience in planting many different species of trees. Chances are we have already planted hundreds of the same species of tree you’d like us to plant.

    This knowledge ensures we put the tree correctly into the ground, giving it the best chance it’ll have for a long and healthy life.

    We are happy to work with trees you have previously purchased from a nursery, although we can also connect you with tree growers to assist you with tree sourcing.

    A professional team at hand

    At Canopy The Tree Experts, we only hire horticulturists who are deeply experienced in tree planting, for both big and small trees.

    We have trained all our team members to follow an in-depth program to ensure the trees are correctly planted so as to establish themselves into the landscape. This training includes details on watering methods and what fertilisers and products to use on the tree to ensure its growth.

    We even have anti-transpirant formulas on hand to assist the tree during the watering process. These formulas guarantee the tree doesn’t lose more water through the crucial phase of establishment.

    Using high-quality equipment for the tree planting process

    At Canopy The Tree Experts, we have invested in the best machinery to ensure our team is properly equipped to carry out the tree planting process. This equipment is used to minimise the impact to the trees when they are transplanted or planted for the first time.

    Once your trees are planted, we will give you details on how to care for your trees to ensure they have a long, vibrant and healthy life.

    Our reputation speaks for itself

    Canopy The Tree Experts has a long and well-established history in Canberra for tree planting. We have worked for government, business and private clients to plant and grow trees right across the city and neighbouring suburbs. These areas include:

    • Queanbeyan
    • Yass
    • Bungendore
    • Goulburn

    On some of our tree planting jobs we also offer guarantees on our establishment, supply and planting processes. For more information about tree planting Canberra clients can trust, please contact us today.