Transplanting Trees

Transplanting or relocating mature trees can provide mature landscapes that can be enjoyed and appreciated without waiting years for trees to grow.
Trees provide the structure for a mature garden.

Tree root pruned
Root pruned

The sooner you plant trees (the right tree in the right place), the sooner you will achieve a beautiful and balanced garden.

Most other plantings do not require the time that trees need to mature.

Canopy has been involved in creating mature landscapes for homeowners, corporate clients and government entities for many years.

I learnt the skills involved in large tree transplanting/relocating whilst working with a college moving 100 tonne fig trees in Sydney for the Sydney Olympics.

One of the larger tree relocation projects Canopy the Tree Experts completed was for the National Capital Authority.

The task was to relocate 27 mature Plane trees to enable the construction of Reconciliation Walk.
The trees were already on the site but their locations conflicted with the new design.

…and the transplanting begins

Our first task was to prepare the trees by partial root pruning and soil injecting months before we started lifting trees.
Transplant preparation
Preparing trees for lifting


tree ready to lift
Ready to lift
crane lifting tree
Lifting tree








high pressure water blasting
High pressure water cutting

Then, during winter, we started the process of excavating, wrapping and piping in preparation for lifting.

The planting sites had to be carefully prepared as each tree was shaped differently.

The finished ground level height of the trees was critical due to the complex surface finish of the new landscape design.

As the size of the trees varied so did the weights.

Some trees weighed up to 16 tonnes.

We had to shape the under surface of the root balls with an extreme high pressure water cutter to insure a good planting shape and stability.

Crane lifting tree
Crane lifting tree onto truck

Using an 80 and 100 ton crane with semitrailer low loader we moved the trees…

…lifting, moving, lifting and planting.

The process took about one month and when finished, the landscape crews could start on the surface finishes and hardscapes.

Looking at the trees now most people would not realise they had been moved.

The trees have created a shady avenue flanking the Reconciliation Walk and linking the National Library and Questacon.

Bruno Wright
Arborist / Managing Director


Trees relocated
Trees relocated ready for landscaping
1 year after transplanting
1 year after transplanting








5 years after transplanting
5 years after transplanting