Tree Services

Will your trees be cared for?

Do you want the very best outcome for your living asset?
Is it the pride of your garden?
You need to ensure the arborist performing tree trimming operations is actually qualified to do the work.
Turning up with a chainsaw and harness is simply not good enough.
Ask to see proof of your arborist’s qualifications before he/she touches your tree.

A conscientious arborist will always take the “less is more” approach to tree trimming wherever practical.

Who lives in your tree?Arborist inspecting tree hollow

Do you think there is wildlife living in your tree?
It is always prudent to know these things before considering any work to be performed on the tree. Destruction of wildlife habitats in the ACT can result in hefty fines and effect valuable ‘backyard’ ecosystems.
Hollows in your trees are to be assessed, not feared.
Celebrate the fact that you’re providing shelter for some of Australia’s cutest little critters.

When your tree needs a helping hand.

Sometimes, trees need a helping hand to assist them through a rough patch.
Our cities can be very demanding on them. As a responsible homeowner, you need to know that there are numerous ways you can support your trees.
It may be as simple as spreading a good cover of composted mulch to aid in soil water retention.
Treatments like Soil Conditioning or Stem Injection to combat pest and disease can be very effective if done at the correct time.
Structural issues associated with your tree/s can be addressed with implementing a well-designed Tree Support System.
Why unnecessarily prune or remove if you can retain and support?

A City of Trees.

Why have trees always been a fundamental part of Canberra’s overall design..?
…because trees matter

Our amazing city has been developed with the idea that humans and trees are to live in harmony.
The National Arboretum has been part of Canberra’s plan since the very beginning.
Green belts between the town centres contribute greatly to the feel of our ‘Bush Capital’.
Well planned roads, lined with magnificent trees well suited to the Canberra climate.
Do you want to do your part to keep Canberra beautiful?