Consulting Arborist

Strong, healthy trees can be an asset to you and your property.

Investing in sound advice from an appropriately qualified arborist will not only help protect your trees, it will often save you money.

Free Advice?   Have you ever wondered why a tree company would give you free advice provided you agree for them to do the work they recommend?

Well it’s pretty obvious, they are going to get you to pay for the free advice by including the cost in any tree work they do for you.  In which case you may be paying for unnecessary work.

While this may appear to be a good short term business and money making exercise, but it does nothing for the client, the trees or the arboriculture industry.  I find it depressing to see clients and even government departments being over serviced by this process.

Some personal background.  I have been in the arboriculture industry in Canberra for longer than most, 36 years, and have been operating a business here for 34 years.  In that time I have seen the quality of tree work improve immensely.  From a time when we butchered trees into lopped hat rack shapes to the present where we assess a tree to see if anything needs to be pruned and only do what is necessary.  This requires an educated understanding of tree systems and tree structures both above and below ground.

Canopy can provide tree assessments and reports and we do charge for our advice.  This ensures you are getting unbiased advice.  You can take our report and get quotes from any arborist, or from us, but we will always charge for our time.  After all, our consultants didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be a consulting arborist, it has taken many years of education and training.

We have a fantastic team of people in Canopy and I find it so satisfying to see young, and some not so young, arborists working with a great passion trees and having fun doing it.


Bruno Wright


Canopy The Tree Experts.