Consulting Arborist

Strong, healthy trees can be an asset to you and your property.

Investing in sound advice from an appropriately qualified arborist will not only help protect your trees, it will often save you money.

How can an arborist help you?

The advice and information you receive from a consulting arborist should empower you with the knowledge that your trees are of value to you and your property.

Whether you are a:

  • Government body
  • Corporation or business
  • Discerning homeowner

Contracting an appropriately qualified arborist to assess the health and safety of your trees is in most cases, a very economical way to ensure you are fulfilling your duty of care.

A large number of tree trimming companies will try to scare you into having unnecessary works performed on your trees.

This is done by cultivating a culture of fear around trees in the urban environment.
Often, your trees do not need any work at all.
In fact, trees will do better without unnecessary interference.

Would you cut off a finger because you have a hang nail?

Ethical Arboriculture

The industry of arboriculture is bound by its code of ethics and what is known as “The Arborist’s Creed”.
Arborists shall not advise on, nor perform the act of unnecessarily vandalising any tree.

Are you showing your trees the respect they deserve?