How can we help you maintain your garden?

Canopy has always prided itself as a leader in Australian arboricultural community.

Our knowledge is kept up-to-date through consistent theoretical and practical study to match our love and respect for such a vital part of our ecosystem.

Taking an ethical and pragmatic approach to tree care in the urban environment, we aim to assist you in living with your trees with the confidence they are being provided the best possible care.

Do you require advice on what your trees need?

Canopy’s Consulting Arborists possess an impressive reserve of knowledge for you to draw upon.
Investing in sound advice from an appropriately qualified arborist will not only help protect your trees, it will often save you money.

Read more about our Consulting Arborist.

Do you know what tree work you want performed?

Do you want the very best outcome for your living asset?

Is it the pride of your garden?

You need to ensure the arborist performing tree trimming operations is actually qualified to do the work.

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Have you thought about landscaping around your trees?

Are you thinking about landscaping your garden but don’t want to damage the beautiful trees you’ve invested time and effort in for years?

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