Purchasing or Developing a Property with Trees: What Should You Do?

Are you thinking about purchasing or developing a property, but you’re concerned about working around the existing trees?
With trees playing such an important role in our ecosystem, it is vital that we all learn to co-exist.
Vital that we learn to design future developments around nature, instead of over the top of it.

You love the trees but you are worried about living with them.

  • Are the trees safe?
  • How large will the trees grow?
  • Are we likely to be allergic to the trees?
  • Will the trees affect the foundations?
  • Will the tree roots damage the residence or other buildings?
  • Will the tree roots get into the sewer or storm water pipes?
  • Will the tree roots damage or lift the paving?
  • Will the Regulated Trees prevent extensions and renovations to the residence or other buildings?
  • Is tree removal permitted to allow you to undertake building work?
  • How can the trees be maintained?

These are all questions that AQF Level 5 Consulting Arborists are experienced with and can help you with.

An initial site visit is recommended as a first measure.

This site visit should include a detailed health and safety assessment of the trees and an on-site discussion of your options.
This discussion should also specify any relevant tree protection laws to ensure you are starting your project on the right path.

Your arborist will usually start with a Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) from ground level.
This assessment is generally sufficient to gain reasonable insight into the overall health and safety of the tree.

Sometimes, the consulting arborist will notice something that requires a more detailed assessment.
A team of 2 arborists will climb your tree to physically inspect any problem areas that were identified during the VTA, and in lot of cases, discover that the damage is not as bad it seemed.

This often cuts out the need for a formal Preliminary Arboricultural Report.
And that saves you money.


AQF Level 5 Consulting Arborists know trees

AQF Level 5 Consulting Arborists have studied tree anatomy and plant physiology.
Therefore they are up to date with their knowledge of the systems that control tree and root growth.
AQF Level 5 Consulting Arborists also are up to date with their knowledge of the legislation and the processes governing trees in relation to development on leased land in the ACT.

A Consulting Arborist can advise you:

  • In retaining and maintaining good trees and
  • On what to do, or, what can be done with trees that are not so good.
    • Many damaged, diseased or decayed trees can be treated, pruned or otherwise managed.
  • On the ACT Tree Register;
  • On Regulated Trees;
  • On species that is listed as a Weed (Pest Plant);
  • On species listed as a Problematic Tree (Schedule 2), or;
  • On how likely a tree is to meet any of the ACT Government’s Approval Criteria for removal of Regulated Trees and what your options are if they don’t.


Canopy The Tree Experts believe that well maintained trees are an asset

An asset that adds amenity and value to your property.

Canopy Consulting Arborists prefer to work towards the preservation of trees even if they conflict with your building plans.
If your tree can be saved throughout the development process, our arborists can devise a plan to manage the tree.
A plan that gives trees the best possible chance of survival throughout the construction period and beyond.

We have extensive experience in developing Tree Management Plans in line with the Tree Protection Act 2005 (ACT) and ACT Government’s Guidelines for Tree Management Plans Determination 2010 NI 2010-586.