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Canopy Team

Everyone that works at Canopy has a passion for trees and the landscape, but we are so much more that that……

Bruno Wright

Arborist and Director-Owner operator since 1986.  I grew up on the land, the family sheep grazing property near the Snowy River north of Delegate.  Probably one of the last generations to ride horses to school and muster with horses and dogs.  My father had a great affinity for the land and its trees.  While we cleared land, we cleared using Yoemans Keyline and tree belt philosophy.  Trees were an integral part of managing soil and livestock.  This instilled in me an understanding about the essential balance required between our trees, soil and animals.  The pressures of the urban environment just provides extra challenges to manage.

I get so much pleasure from my family,  my crazy Blue heeler, trees, landscapes, art, photography, music, surfing, mountain biking, hang gliding…..
I still get out there with the crews, climbing and learning from the young guns.

Alan Mann

Level 5 Consulting Arborist and B.A. Ag Science.
Has been with Canopy since 1994.
Travelling outback Australia, birdwatching

Hayley Crossing

Level 5 Qualified Arborist and B.A Landscape Architecture.

Haley works as a consulting arborist providing tree surveys, reports and landscape advise to commercial and domestic clients.

Nathanael du Boulay

Nat is a Level 5 qualified arborist with experience in running tree crews,  highly skilled in large tree removals and providing quality tree reports.  Nat has been with Canopy for over 7 years.

Maja Blasch

Level 5 qualified Arborist

As well as climbing trees for work I also climb trees competitively.  The tree industry holds competitions all around Australia, New Zealand and Asia to find arborists with highest level of of skills required in the industry.  I am currently the Asia Pacific Woman Champion.

I also enjoy building and making things from timber we remove from jobs.   I love sharing my passion for trees with other people and seeing how that insight into the wonder of a tree can be passed on and realised.

Jake Defranceschi

I am employed as Trainee Arborist and am currently completing my Certificate 3 in Arboriculture.  I am really enjoying climbing and gaining confidence working at heights in trees.  I also work at Stihl on weekends and have developed technical skills with a range of chainsaws and powered landcare equipment.   Working at Canopy is the perfect job for me.

Maddy Whittall

I am employed at Canopy as an arborist.  I think tree are pretty cool, although I also love playing soccer, drawing, reading and hanging out with friends.  I play soccer for Canberra United, Belconnen United and have played for Australian School Girls. Here is an article about Maddie in Canberra Times

Marg Mackay

I am most likely the first person you will encounter when you contact Canopy.  I work in the office and will help you make a booking for a quote or consultation.  I have been with Canopy for four years and l am so grateful to work in an atmosphere of being among people who genuinely love what they do and are quite nuts.  I don’t have any Arboricultural qualifications, but I do love trees and bees.  I have a hive at home producing Hillside Honey. (please don’t spray pesticides in the garden).

In  my spare time I am creating an empire, Joelicious.  Through the sale of both handmade Natural Body Products and Plush sloths I generate fundraising for World Animal Protection and all the awesome campaigns that do. #ethicalslothselfies. #joeliciousme  www.joelicious.org


The Bosses Blue Heeler.